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Cash Profit Accelerator for Doctors | Review of Tyler McBroom's Program

dr. cheng ruan Jan 31, 2022
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Hello fellow doctors, below is my honest opinion of what I think of Tyler McBroom's Cash Profit Accelerator.

Cash Profit Accelerator covers many of the following topics with actionable things you can do to start improving your personal financial situation. I highly recommend it.

My best new skills from the program are the following:

  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Mastering Expenses and how they impact your cash flow
  • Understanding Risk & How Risk is Managed with Investment

However, I find myself being stunned that I didn't know some basic strategies that affect our entire family's finances. Here are some tidbits that I wanted to share

Basic Financial Knowledge

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Why Great Doctors Tend to be Terrible with Money Management

dr. cheng ruan Jan 31, 2022

When it comes to what to do with money throughout each stage of a doctor's career, there appears to be a substantial lack of knowledge in some of the updates in the popular Physician Side Gigs and Physician Mom's groups on Facebook.

This is not surprising, given that doctors are educated to have a doctor's mentality, which is to assist their patients. expand on this, and that is why they need good financial advice.

Most doctors, do not know how their medical practice will be funded after death. Without any significant guidance from business savy physicians, new doctors assume that they can continue to work until retirement and everything will be okay.

Here are some reasons why Great...

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Doctors Are Making One Common Social Media Mistake in 2022

dr. cheng ruan Jan 27, 2022

Posting about too much product and not enough fundmental value on social media.

The most common mistake I see my fellow doctors make is putting product before value. I see a lot of wellness doctors promote a specific product or service, but that can backfire, especially in 2022, the era where cancel culture is at the height of humanity.

When a doctor's brand is linked to a product that has been cited by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for advertising claims, who else is liable?

Communicate fundamental beliefs and goals is never a bad idea.

Doctors should communicate their fundamental beliefs and goals rather than...

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The Top 9 Mistakes Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Doctors Make When Dealing With Medical Insurance | Integrative Practice Builder

As an integrative medicine doctor, you know patients always want to use medical insurance. If you currently submit to insurance payers, you know that making mistakes can lead to denied claims and lost money. If you're a cash-only practitioner, you know that patients request superbills for services rendered.

While most doctors are pretty careful with this, even the most careful doctors can make mistakes when it comes to dealing with their patients' medical insurances.

Here are the top nine mistakes integrative medicine doctors make when dealing with medical insurance. Avoid these errors and you'll be able to better utilize your patients' health insurance...

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