Clinical Education

The Dental - Brain Connection

Understand how Brain based technology is able to show detection for dental infections and airway disorders.

The Upper Airway - Brain Connection

Uncover how airway disorders can create an entire different level of empowerment for patients.

Sleep - Brain Connection.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy can be detected through advanced tech.

Why ENTs are Crucial for Brain Disorders.

Otolaryntology is no longer just for head and neck. Every person with brain impairment needs an ENT

Gut Brain Connection

Learn to screen for the impact of gut based disorders based on brain data.

Chronic Pain

Finally, chronic pain patients can be quanitifed with brain data rather than just subjective symptoms. They love it, we love it, you will too.

Business Education

Teamwork and Collaboration

Create cross referral networks that utilizes the best of team-oriented approach for your patients.

Psychology of Business

Understand how psychology triggers us to create burnout and how we can leverage our team for support.

Operational Fluidity

Operations within practices and organizations can make or break a practice. Hack your operations with simple techniques

Create Perpetual Value Through Service Lines

Learn modern medicine messaging and value proposition.

Burnout Prevention

I will reveal how reinventing the role of the doctor-patient relationship can create fulfillment for you and your patients.

Technology Hack

Streamline technology to hack your practice for maximum efficiency and patient satisfaction scores (including reviews)

Limited Seating Available, First Come/Register First Serve

Get 20 of AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits while learning to scale your practice using brain based technologies. RECORDING AVAILABLE AFTER EVENT.

Early Bird Registrants get to bring 2 staff members! Limited Seating, so purchase now! This will sell out.

Can't make the in-person event? We will be streaming LIVE as well.

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Register Now: Saturday March 26, 2022

Your host: Cheng Ruan, MD

CEO of Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine | Featured in Forbes Magazine | Clinical Advisor for Brain View | Host of the Physician Practice Automation Summit | Founder of Integrative Practice Builder | Strategic Advisor to Multiple Fortune 500 Companies

Limited Seating Available, Register Now

Location: Hyatt Regency

2626 Sage Rd, Houston, TX 77056

Located next to the Houston Galleria in Uptown Houston, Hyatt Regency Houston/Galleria is steps from the city’s most fashionable shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

Brain View U: Adopting Brain Technology To Elevate Your Clinical Practice

It's gonna be epic. Will you be joining us?













We don't live in the same world that we did a year ago... If you're not keeping up with this quickly changing environment, you risk falling behind.

In this period of change, you can either be caught up in the storm and suffer, or use this time to innovate, create, and establish service lines that avoid the epidemic's economic downturns.

Physician burnout is at an all-time high, especially among primary care and other point of entry physicians. The evolution and expansion of physician practices necessitate a rapid change in technology.

With Brain U View's innaugural event, you’ll get the tools and capabilities you need to take advantage of proven stratgies to scale your practice. You will:

  • Discover the surprising yet critical factors that are holding your from adopting new revenue-generating technology.
  • Get acustomed and trained to adopt the newest tools in brain health.
  • Learn how to use changes in patient demands as opportunities instead of letting them become roadblocks for your practice.
  • Create a monumental path for creating brain/psych based outcomes your patients are yearning for.
  • Gain actionable strategies and tools to grow your bottom line by optimizing clinical CPT knowledge, and effective documentation.
  • Get your staff on board and excited about new technologies.
  • Understand how to clone your best staff's productivity to maximize all new technologies revenue generating capabilities.
  • Know when to spend money and when NOT to waste precious hard earned cash on technologies.

Most medical practices are hunkered down simply hoping to survive especially during the time of changing patient needs. But that won’t lead to the exponential growth or the massive results you want in your practice.

So bring your staff (or not) and join Dr. Cheng Ruan for an epic Master Workshop in this one day event!

With Brain View U, you will create a plan so that your practice and your sanity doesn’t just survive these crazy times – it thrives.


This is a program for doctors who are serious about practice growth. Those who are hungry for more. Those who are passionate about serving their patients at the highest level.

It’s for doctor-entrepreneurs who want to start a new service line or transform their existing practices. It’s for successful doctor practice owners who are ready to create their exit strategy to leave a proud legacy.


This is an event unlike any other. It’s not a boring seminar or a typical CME training or something you sleep through in the background while you work on other things – it’s a fully interactive workshop with action-packed sessions where you’ll dig into the nuts and bolts of creating new scalable service lines that doesn't require you to be fully there all the time. I mean, it's nice to take a vacation once in awhile without affecting the bottom line doesn't it?

You’ll develop a personalized turnkey strategy map to help you navigate even the most unpredictable patient conditions. And Dr. Ruan will show you how to find hidden growth opportunities within your existing team members that can help you scale brain tech based services.

This will be the only place you'll find up-to-date 2022 CPT codes that can engineer ways to improve outcomes in your patients you never thought to be possible.

If you can't come in person, live streaming option is available. However, I suggest you invest in yourself and your team to come meet me face to face for a full immersive experience!


As an physician entrepreneur, Cheng Ruan is an unmatched expert on undestanding the creation of service lines while providing the best care possible for patients. He is the founder of Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, and creator of Integrative Practice Builder, an Author, and A Strategy Consultant for the top MedTech companies in the world. He also sits on the advisory board for the Health Coaching Alliance, a group including doctors from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Harvard to lobby for creation of new CPT codes for integrative health services.

Dr. Ruan’s expertise is recognized across the integrative health space. He is the Associate Director for United for Longevity, a non-profit company dedicated to bring food-based solutions to lower social economic populations. He hosted the 2021 Physician Practice Automation Summit that featured 50 speakers across all arenas in practice optimization and scalaing.


Register Now - Limited Seating Available!

Adopting Brain Technology To Elevate You Clinical Practice

20 AMA PRA Category 1 self reflective CME included. Powered by CMEfy - a seamless way for busy clinician learners to discover Internet Point-of-Care Learning opportunities that reward AMA PRA Category 1 CME.









Provider Admission


Calling all doctors and dentists

  • Live In-Person Interactive Workshop
  • Live Event streaming access available if unable to attend in-person.
  • Lifetime Access to Video/Audio Recording 
  • General Q&A With All Members
  • Meals Included
  • 20 AMA PRA Category 1 CME (offered by Adaptrack)
Register Now

Additional Non-Provider Staff


Each Physician Allowed 2 Staff

  • Learn how to execute brain based tech within your organization.
  • How to work with providers on optimizing patient engagement.
  • Medical Billing Optimization
  • Hands on Training Included from the expert staff.
  • How to create systems that allow for repeating services.
  • Understand what it takes for doctors to adapt new technology without lagtime.

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